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Engraved Lamacoid Plastic Tags

For Industrial Labels, Valve Tags, Electrical Panel Tags, Warning Signage, and more.

Lamacoid tags are produced using a two-ply plastic material that is indoor and outdoor UV stable, with high contrasting layers for legibility. Our standard thickness is 1/16″ but 1/8″ is available upon request. The material we use is produced by Gemini here in the United States and is one of the most durable lamacoid products available.

Pricing is based on quantity of tags per size and includes text, graphics, adhesive tape backing and/or holes. Most orders are produced and shipped in 24 – 48 hours. Larger quantity orders may need additional production time.

Plastic Lamacoid Industrial Tags can be used for a variety of industrial labeling and signage, such as:

  • Machine, room, and equipment identification tags, panel tags, photo-voltaic tags, generator tags, serialization tags, warning signs, etc…
  • May include serial numbers, identification information, job information, warning text, company logo.

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*lamacoid labels are not limited to the stock templates and/or sizes available on our online store. Labels and tags can be cut to any size or shape, generally up to 9″ x 12″.

Engraved Plastic Tag Pricing

*All orders subject to a $10.00 minimum order and sales tax. Orders include free shipping, engraving of text and/or graphics, adhesive backing, and holes.

up to1$1.50$1.43$1.35$1.28$1.20$1.05$0.98
up to2$2.50$2.38$2.25$2.13$2.00$1.75$1.63
up to3$3.50$3.33$3.15$2.98$2.80$2.45$2.28
up to4$4.50$4.28$4.05$3.83$3.60$3.15$2.93
up to6$5.50$5.23$4.95$4.68$4.40$3.85$3.58
up to8$6.50$6.18$5.85$5.53$5.20$4.55$4.23
up to10$7.50$7.13$6.75$6.38$6.00$5.25$4.88
up to12$8.50$8.08$7.65$7.23$6.80$5.95$5.53
up to14$9.50$9.03$8.55$8.08$7.60$6.65$6.18
up to16$11.50$10.93$10.35$9.78$9.20$8.05$7.48
up to18$12.50$11.88$11.25$10.63$10.00$8.75$8.13
up to20$13.50$12.83$12.15$11.48$10.80$9.45$8.78
Sizes up to 9 x 12 inch in size are available. For sizes larger than 20 square inches, please contact us for a quote.

*Additional colors may be available upon request.

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